[Icecast] Dlink DSM 320

Dave St John groups at mediacast1.com
Fri Oct 8 05:39:04 UTC 2004

Well i did it, i finally broke down and bought a hardware based media 
player, the dlink dsm 320.
Not only can i watch my dvds from my pc, but listen to my 30+gb ogg vorbis 
create a playlist file (.pls format) with shoutcast and icecast2 streams 
(mp3 only) and crank them
through the home theatre system.
Just a heads up though, even though it supports shoutcast and icecast2 mp3, 
the ogg vorbis streaming
doesn't work, it plays for about 4 seconds then pops a window up stating 
file format not supported.
Sounds like they made the ogg vorbis decoder do cbr or bitrate management 
instead of quality,
not entirely sure though., maybe if we all fire over some emails to 
dlink.com they will address
this issue in there next firmware version.

Hopefully with the next firmware version they will have fixed the ogg vorbis 
icecast2 streaming
issue, we are so close to seeing icecast2 and ogg vorbis streaming take 
off!! like shoutcast
and mp3 has.

All in all i recommend this product, definitely worth a mention on 
vorbis.com for support of ogg vorbis files
and icecast2 mp3 streaming.

Dave St John
Mediacast1 Administration

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