[Icecast] Can't connect winamp source to icecast server

Leo Currie leo.currie at strath.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 10:51:48 UTC 2004

Greg Trounson wrote:


> The problem is that I have someone who insists on using the win32/winamp 
> combination as the source, and I'd rather use icecast as the server 
> instead of the nullsoft shoutcast implementation.

Absolutely. I wasn't suggesting that you use SHOUTCast - I was trying to 
give an example of why Icecast is more flexible, and how the SHOUTCast 
plugin is limited to streaming *only* to SHOUTCast servers.

> You say above that I'd need to run 3 copies of shoutcast on 6 ports to 
> handle 3 streams, so is it possible to use SHOUTCast send a single 
> stream to an icecast server?

I think it is *possible* to relay several SHOUTCast servers from 
Icecast, but thats not what I'm suggesting.

The oddcast plugin lets you stream Vorbis or MP3 to an Icecast server 
from Winamp. You can combine it with a plugin stacker to invoke multiple 
instances of Oddcast from the same instance of Winamp to stream various 
combinations of bitrate/format of the same content to a single Icecast 
server, on various mountpoints.

(BTW - you can also achieve this with the commercial Spacial Audio plugin.)


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