[Icecast] Dlink DSM 320

Scott Manley djsnm at djsnm.com
Tue Oct 12 02:53:08 UTC 2004

I've got one of these on the way right now - BestBuy has a special on 
them and I think Buy.com is doing a 30$ rebate.
I gather that it's based on the ZenSonic units which supposedly supports 
Ogg, but that particular bit of code isn't quite up to speed yet.

> Well i did it, i finally broke down and bought a hardware based media 
> player, the dlink dsm 320.
> Not only can i watch my dvds from my pc, but listen to my 30+gb ogg 
> vorbis collection,
> create a playlist file (.pls format) with shoutcast and icecast2 
> streams (mp3 only) and crank them
> through the home theatre system.
> Just a heads up though, even though it supports shoutcast and icecast2 
> mp3, the ogg vorbis streaming
> doesn't work, it plays for about 4 seconds then pops a window up 
> stating file format not supported.
> Sounds like they made the ogg vorbis decoder do cbr or bitrate 
> management instead of quality,
> not entirely sure though., maybe if we all fire over some emails to 
> dlink.com they will address
> this issue in there next firmware version.
> Hopefully with the next firmware version they will have fixed the ogg 
> vorbis icecast2 streaming
> issue, we are so close to seeing icecast2 and ogg vorbis streaming 
> take off!! like shoutcast
> and mp3 has.
> All in all i recommend this product, definitely worth a mention on 
> vorbis.com for support of ogg vorbis files
> and icecast2 mp3 streaming.
> Dave St John
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