[icecast] YP submission / cURL issue. (icecast 2.0.1 / gentoo)

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed May 26 06:44:28 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 26 May 2004 16:19, cpickert at t3inc.us wrote:
> I've got a total of six encoders and all the others. On a
> song-transision / the
> cross-fader will drive CPU dangerously high and I'm wondering if
> there's a loss
> of avail CPU time, will OddCast possibly choke/stall and then cause the
> Icecast
> crash? This is where I'd guess the issue of where the crash is. It's almost
> impossible to guess when it'll crash so I can't totally validate my
> assumption.
> I know the encoder setup is not at all Icecast related, just the fact
> there's all the processing that drives CPU to 100% as well as the way
> SqrSoft does it's
> crossfade with songs, the buffering mechanism is a little odd. Might want
> to look at it if you're curious.

<p>Obviously, if you run out of CPU, it's not entirely unreasonable for oddcast 
to have trouble of some sort. However, there should be absolutely _no_ way 
for this to crash icecast. Icecast is designed to be error-resiliant and not 
particularly timing-sensitive. If you can find any way to reliably crash 
icecast, we really, really want to fix it (being able to crash it with 
external input is generally a sign that there's - at the least - an 
exploitable DoS bug lurking somewhere), so we'd really like as much detail as 
you can give us.


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