[icecast] alias mount points

Joseph Wilhelm tarken at lyrical.net
Wed May 5 16:30:35 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 08:51, Warren J. Beckett wrote:
> I want to setup a site where I can allocate 2 hour time slots to anyone
> that wants to play there tunes. My idea was to setup a number of mount
> point, each with a username and password and dish these out, along with
> a allocated time slot to the DJ's that have booked. This can all be done
> with a wee bit of CGI - No worries at all. 
> The idea was then to have a mount , shall we say /live.ogg where
> listeners can connect have here the various artists.. I want to make
> this as automatic as possible and not have a person ( me ) managing this
> as I have better things to do in my evening such as sleeping. 
> At the end of a time interval the next artist is live, and will be
> completely transparent to the listeners.

I am actually currently working on a similar problem myself for

Currently, we have a set of scripts called SBTools, written by hafree.
These allow us to have both a static stream and live DJs, with seamless
switching between the two. The stream is all handled by one process,
reading a playlist and then feeding the music to a shoutcast server.
When somebody goes live, they connect to a secondary shoutcast server,
the URL for that is injected into the playlist and bumped to the top.
When they disconnect, the script jumps to the next item in the playlist
and keeps playing like normal.

Now, this works fine for the most part... however there are some more
features that would be nice to have... and please don't mind my rambling
here, I'm just trying to get some ideas out which may or may not be
related, and see what people think. What I would like to have is this:

* Stream plays normally, just playing static playlist... music files
from the hard drive
* DJ A connects to a mount point with their own unique username and
* Admin connects to listen, ensure sound quality, lack of buffering etc
* Admin hits a button (Local app, webpage, whatever), and DJ A becomes
live on the stream, taking the place of the static playlist.
* Near the end of DJ A's time slot, DJ B is preparing for their time
slot, booked immediately after DJ A.
* DJ B connects to a mount point (Preferrably the same as DJ A, for ease
of use) and starts playing
* Admin connects to listen to DJ B, checks out quality
* Admin hits the button again and switches the live stream from playing
DJ A to playing DJ B.
* DJ B finishes up their time slot, disconnects, and the stream flips
back to playing the static playlist

(*phew*) Hope that made sense.

Currently, we have most of this functionality... what's lacking is:
* Unique usernames and passwords
* Multiple DJs connected/switching between them.

So.. any more ideas for all of that? I don't know how much of this could
be handled inside of icecast, and how much would need to be external
scripts... does anybody have some input on this?

--Joseph Wilhelm
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