[icecast] dumpfile with libshout2/icecast2

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Mar 9 23:48:42 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 10 March 2004 06:56, Andrew Taylor wrote:
> Heyas,
> I'm trying to get setDumpfile working with the java libshout bindings.
> I am calling shout_set_dumpfile(shout,char*) after specifying the port,
> host, mount and password, yet, the dumpfile is not created on the server
> side. To be more specific, I'm trying this:
> bin/streamAdmin -d /tmp/test.mp3 -h streams.benow.ca -p 80 -P pass -m
> /benow
> which sets the dumpfile to be /tmp/test.mp3 for the /benow stream, which
> completes with no errors, but /tmp/test.mp3 is not created.  What I am
> hoping to accomplish is to cron On and Off times for show archiving.  Is
> per mount libshout2 initiated dumpfile recording tested on icecast2,
> and, if so, any pointers?  Also, to stop dumpfile recording, does one
> pass in a NULL to shout_set_dumpfile?

I suspect this source-initiated dumpfile stuff is for icecast 1.x. 

Certainly, it is not (and will never be) implemented in icecast 2. It can be 
configured server-side.

I doubt there's a way to stop dumpfile recording with icecast 1.x.


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