[icecast] dumpfile with libshout2/icecast2

Andrew Taylor andy at benow.ca
Tue Mar 9 19:56:01 UTC 2004


I'm trying to get setDumpfile working with the java libshout bindings. 
I am calling shout_set_dumpfile(shout,char*) after specifying the port,
host, mount and password, yet, the dumpfile is not created on the server
side. To be more specific, I'm trying this:

bin/streamAdmin -d /tmp/test.mp3 -h streams.benow.ca -p 80 -P pass -m

which sets the dumpfile to be /tmp/test.mp3 for the /benow stream, which
completes with no errors, but /tmp/test.mp3 is not created.  What I am
hoping to accomplish is to cron On and Off times for show archiving.  Is
per mount libshout2 initiated dumpfile recording tested on icecast2,
and, if so, any pointers?  Also, to stop dumpfile recording, does one
pass in a NULL to shout_set_dumpfile?



PS Icecast2/Libshout2 are without compare!  Great work.

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