[icecast] Disconnect listerens after X min

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Wed Mar 3 20:20:52 UTC 2004

It's not possible "out of the box". But have a look at the admin-
interface: You can get a list of all listeners for a particular 
source. And there is a "kick"-link at the end of the line, which also 
includes a listener-id. So it should be easy to write a script for 
doing what you need. Give 20 lines of php a try :-))

<p>Kind regards,

On 3 Mar 2004 at 20:24, Jappe reuling wrote:

> I'm using icecast2. I have one client who provides a source from his
> windows computer using winamp. This source is a 'radio station' I want
> to disconnect listerners after they have listen to the station for
> e.g. 60 minutes but can't find any documentation on this. Is this
> possible with icecast2?
> If i missed some documentation: sorry but I just can't find the answer
> on the  net.
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