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Clement Cavadore clement at frequence3.net
Mon Mar 1 10:45:18 UTC 2004

Le dim 29/02/2004 à 22:55, MacSym a écrit :
> About the new broadcasting methods, is the multicast technology already 
> available? I have heard only few providers are equipped with multicast
> enabled routers. 

It's not already available for "mass-broadcasting" such as unicast
broadcast :-(
We are trying multicast in partnership with an ISP, but... it's limited
to this ISP's network, that's why we cannot leave unicast streams...

<p>> What about p2p streaming, is it really reliable? When I see Peercast's
> statistics, only few  stations have more than 10 listeners currently 
> connected... Do you think p2p streaming could support an "unlimited" 
> number of listeners or is it only a utopia? Anyway, I am not sure many
> listeners would be attracted by p2p streaming until a reliable Applet
> is available. I mean, I know only few users that are ready to install
> additional software to listen to online music.

I don't really believe on the reliability of peercast.
It's a great idea, but there are so many people with ADSL broadband
connections at home, and who use their bandwidth for download, or "classic"
p2p such as kazaa or whatever... That's why I think it's hard to rely on
home connections.


Clément Cavadore
Webradio Francophone

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