[Icecast] [ ICES2 ] - Converted .ogg files are not played in a row

Karl Heyes karl
Tue Jun 29 14:36:32 UTC 2004

> What does "the serial number is the same as previous" mean? How can I fix
> it? Is it an Ices problem or a sox one? Are there other MP3 translation
> programs that I can use that do not result in this?

It's not really a problem as such, it's a check to avoid a problem some
players can experience.  To avoid the check, ices needs to rebuild the
ogg stream and that is not implemented in v2.0.

The check only kicks in when comparing the new and old streams so having
multiple files in the playlist in general does not trigger it, unless of
course most of your files have the same serial number (use ogginfo to
see for yourself).


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