[Icecast] Can't Connect to icecast using winamp as a listener

Roger Shields roger.shields
Wed Jul 21 06:09:37 PDT 2004

I've using muse to stream mp3 sources to an icecast 2 server and am
trying to listen to the stream using winamp on port 8000.
for the url,  I am using http://host:8000/example1.  i've tried it as
http://host:8000/example1.mp3 also.  Further, nothing is showing in
the icecast logs where a connection attempt is being made, but i do
have the ports open on my firewall and have verified that.  Just in
case, i opened ports 7999, 8001, 8002 as well.  Any ideas as to why
this setup is not allowing me to listen to the streams?

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