[Icecast] Stream Control

Geoff Shang gshang
Wed Jul 21 07:35:07 PDT 2004

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EvilOverlord wrote:

> Geoff Shang wrote:
>> Unfortunately ices 0.3 doesn't have the basic
>> script functionality found in ices 2.0.
> Um, yes it does...  I have a nifty python script running for a radio station
> that auto inserts a random advert every 15 mins or so and plays the news on
> the hour.

I should have emphasised the word "basic".  Ices 0.3 requires a knowledge
of either PERL or Python and requires you to hook into Ices' processes by
providing various methods for it to use.  Ices 2.x however merely calls a
basic script which returns a single line stating what file to play next.
This means you can write it in anything you like.


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