[Icecast] Icecast 2 usage stats

C.J. clayton
Tue Jul 20 13:52:03 PDT 2004

I'm in the process of upgrading from Icecast 1 to Icecast 2 and I'm
having problems nailing down the usage statistics.  In Icecast 1 there
was a usage log that printed out an hourly summary of connections and
bandwidth utilization:

usage.log:[20/Jul/2004:02:00:00] [1:Calendar Thread] Hourly statistics:
[Client connects: 27] [Source connects: 0] [Bytes read: 7165917] [Bytes
written: 21548121]

I'm trying to track down something similar in Icecast 2.  I see in the
access log it will print the time connected and the bytes downloaded
whenever a client disconnects, but I'd like to get something more like
the hourly summary of Icecast 1.

Thanks in advance,


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