[Icecast] soma project

bakunin bakunin
Tue Jul 20 11:08:30 PDT 2004


I am Andrea Marchesini, the italian coder of soma project
(http://soma.realityhacking.org). I subscribe me in this ml becouse i
think that we can have good inputs from a relationship.

Soma is a suite of software from web radio. There is a scheduler with
many tools of admin (cli, graphic or web interface); a daemon sound and
a player. The daemon sound accept local/remote connections from every
audio software (with a preload library) and gives infinite outputs
(icecast[1,2] servers, shoutcast, other daemons, audio interfaces -
alsa, alsa9, esd, oss,... -, encoding mp3 or ogg, and write a file wav,
aiff, raw, au,...). The player has the same outputs of the daemon, and
as inputs 25types of files.

If you want insert in the 3d part sw page in your web site, i am happy :)

Sorry for my english :/


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