[Icecast] icecast2 per-mount overall listening statistics

Andrey Semyonov wilfre
Fri Jul 9 04:40:52 PDT 2004

Hi there!

I don't know, if there have already been such a question, so that it

I have icecast2 and 7 livestreams on it (by some reasons 6 darkices'
mp3 and 1 ices2's ogg). By the given order I need to summarize the
time each mount is listened for (for example, /mount1 is being
listened by 3 listeners for 3 hours, than by 2 listeners for 1 hour and then by 1
listener for 2 hours. The summarized time, the mount was listened for,
is 3*3+2*1+1*2=13 hours. Than, some time later, using such a
statistics, I point less popular mounts.
Does anybody know, if there is such an embedded feature in icecast2,
or any add-on code, that helps doing so?

Best regards, Andrey V. Semyonov

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