[Icecast] (no subject)

Matt Farmer matt.farmer
Fri Jul 9 08:56:18 PDT 2004


I am the current webmaster at WUML (www.wuml.org) a college radio
station.  We are looking to purchase a new web cast server which we
are planning will run IceCast, but it is a little unclear on the
system requirements that IceCast requires.

I read somewhere that IceCast can run on as little as a 486 with 32mb
of ram but that sounded like those specs were for streaming mp3s saved
on that computer.  We are looking to stream our live broadcast to
about 100 users simultaneously hopefully in multiple formats (low and
high quality mp3 and ogg).  I would imagine this would require the
computer to encode these streams in real time simultaneously and was
wondering how much of a computer would be required to do this.

We might be able to get a dual PIII 550Mhz machine with 512 ECC SDRam
donated, or we are looking at purchasing a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz machine
with 1Gb of ram.  Would be able to get away with the machine that we
can get donated, or should we invest in some beefier hardware, and if
so, would this machine be enough?

Thank a bunch!

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