[Icecast] Replicate stream on webserver

Christoph Rupp crupp
Tue Jul 6 10:57:26 PDT 2004

MacSym wrote:
> Hi Geoff,
> First, thank you very much for understanding my message; I posted a thread
> on phpbuilder but nobody really understood what my end goal was... It looks
> like they don't really know what streaming is...
> So you think it's just impossible to do? I am still convinced that PHP or
> Perl are powerful enough to handle it but I will have to search a little
> more. I know how to open sockets on my webserver but the problem is that if
> 20 persons run the same script, 20 different sockets are opened which
> doesn't change anything to my bandwidth problem. For the moment, I don't
> know how to fix that problem. Any idea?

Hi MacSym,

there's another problem: most ISPs kill CGI scripts (or PHP scripts)
after a few seconds. But if your PHP script would replicate the stream,
it would have to run as long as the stream runs. Have a few hundred page
hits, and you have a few hundred processes on the server, and your ISP
kills you.

Maybe it's easier to find a hoster with icecast or another streaming


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