[Icecast] Replicate stream on webserver

MacSym macsym69
Tue Jul 6 10:47:13 PDT 2004

Hi Geoff,

First, thank you very much for understanding my message; I posted a thread
on phpbuilder but nobody really understood what my end goal was... It looks
like they don't really know what streaming is...

So you think it's just impossible to do? I am still convinced that PHP or
Perl are powerful enough to handle it but I will have to search a little
more. I know how to open sockets on my webserver but the problem is that if
20 persons run the same script, 20 different sockets are opened which
doesn't change anything to my bandwidth problem. For the moment, I don't
know how to fix that problem. Any idea?



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Your problem is that you're going to want only one listening process but
many serving processes, otherwise it's not going to achieve anything.  So
to explain further, when someone connects to your hosting provider, you'll
want them to connect to the stream which is already being pulled from your
box, not start another instance which connects to your box.  Basically what
you want is a server, like icecast.  You might be able to hack something
together, but to my mind, you'd only be re-inventing icecast or something
like it, so why bother?  I realise you'll need to get your hosting company
to install icecast, but there's really no other way to get around it that I
can think of.


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