[icecast] Newbie Icecast question

Ethan Kiczek ekiczek at wcfia.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 28 03:43:34 UTC 2004

I've installed Icecast2 on RedHat 9 and am able to use WinAmp and 
Oddcast on a Win2000 PC to source audio to the Icecast2 server. This has 
helped me understand how to stream a live feed to Icecast2, which is 
incredibly easy and useful.

My question is regarding pre-recorded audio files. If I have a series of 
archived live performances (let's say they were archived to MP3 files), 
how do I allow listeners to start these recordings on the fly, say from 
a web page? I'm getting the impression that IceS may be able to do this 
for me if the files are on my RedHat server, but do I have to launch a 
new IceS source for each request?

Thanks in advance,


Ethan Kiczek
Information Technology Manager
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Email: ekiczek at wcfia.harvard.edu <mailto:ekiczek at wcfia.harvard.edu>
Web site: http://www.wcfia.harvard.edu

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