[icecast] Oddcast not working with WinAmp 5.01

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Wed Jan 14 02:36:35 UTC 2004

I've seen this problem before several months ago with Winamp 2 and reported
on it at the time, though I may have put it in different words.  I believe
it only occured under Win98.  I'm using XP now and I haven't seen the same
problem since.

It was very bizzare.  I tried everything including removing all DSP plugins
except Oddcast but Winamp still insisted that Oddcast was infact some other
plugin that I had deleted, and the Oddcast box would not display.  I
couldn't work out where the name of the other plugin was coming from.  I
searched the registry and couldn't find it anywhere.

I think it came right all by itself eventually after installing & removing
DSP plugins.

Ross Levis

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<p>> > >It shows up in the DSP catagory as a mirror of the previous plugin,
> > >\"[dsp_oddcast_v2.dll]\".  I know Oddcast isn\'t configurable by the
> >WinAmp
> > >Configure Plugin button, but it shouldn\'t give this message when I
> > >http://www.geocities.com/dj_moguta/oddcast_error.png (Geocities being
> > >Geocities, you must copy/paste that into your URL bar, or Save Target
> > >
> > >I have tried uninstalling Oddcast (and deleting all leftover files) and
> >then
> > >reinstalling Oddcast a few times, but each time the result is exactly
> > >same.  What\'s going wrong?
> > >
> > >It worked perfectly with WinAmp 5 before the reformat.  ;_;
> > >
> >I\'d suggest trying to uninstall, make sure to delete the Winamp
> >and reinstall Winamp 5 and then reinstall oddcast using the
> >installer....that should clear things up..
> >
> >oddsock
> No such luck.  I uninstalled WinAmp & deleted the \Program Files\WinAmp
> directory, re-downloaded the WinAmp 5.01 installer & the Oddcast 2.0.10
> installer, and did fresh installs of both from the newly downloaded
> installers. No installation options or preferences were changed from the
> default in either program.  Problem as last stated still occurs.
> Oddcast is the only WinAmp plugin I've tried that gives me problems.
> - Chris

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