[icecast] Oddcast not working with WinAmp 5.01

Christopher G djmoguta at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 14 01:34:22 UTC 2004

> >It shows up in the DSP catagory as a mirror of the previous plugin, plus
> >\"[dsp_oddcast_v2.dll]\".  I know Oddcast isn\'t configurable by the 
> >Configure Plugin button, but it shouldn\'t give this message when I try:
> >http://www.geocities.com/dj_moguta/oddcast_error.png (Geocities being
> >Geocities, you must copy/paste that into your URL bar, or Save Target As)
> >
> >I have tried uninstalling Oddcast (and deleting all leftover files) and 
> >reinstalling Oddcast a few times, but each time the result is exactly the
> >same.  What\'s going wrong?
> >
> >It worked perfectly with WinAmp 5 before the reformat.  ;_;
> >
>I\'d suggest trying to uninstall, make sure to delete the Winamp directory, 
>and reinstall Winamp 5 and then reinstall oddcast using the 
>installer....that should clear things up..

No such luck.  I uninstalled WinAmp & deleted the \Program Files\WinAmp 
directory, re-downloaded the WinAmp 5.01 installer & the Oddcast 2.0.10 
installer, and did fresh installs of both from the newly downloaded 
installers. No installation options or preferences were changed from the 
default in either program.  Problem as last stated still occurs.

Oddcast is the only WinAmp plugin I've tried that gives me problems.

- Chris

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