[icecast] Oddcast not working with WinAmp 5.01

Christopher G djmoguta at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 14 13:43:18 UTC 2004

>I've seen this problem before several months ago with Winamp 2 and reported
>on it at the time, though I may have put it in different words.  I believe
>it only occured under Win98.  I'm using XP now and I haven't seen the same
>problem since.
>It was very bizzare.  I tried everything including removing all DSP plugins
>except Oddcast but Winamp still insisted that Oddcast was infact some other
>plugin that I had deleted, and the Oddcast box would not display.  I
>couldn't work out where the name of the other plugin was coming from.  I
>searched the registry and couldn't find it anywhere.
>I think it came right all by itself eventually after installing & removing
>DSP plugins.
>Ross Levis

This is indeed the same problem.  However I've installed & removed the DSPs, 
and all of WinAmp, several times.  =(

Darn Dell Inspiron 7000 isn't compatible with WinXP, so I have to stay with 

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