[icecast] relaying using latest builds

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Sat Feb 14 17:05:23 UTC 2004

I just needed some more time to work this out. I finally got things
working with three different streaming options and I am successfully
doing relaying from three different machines.
I will post my findings on my HowTo page at
If anyone has anything else to contribute or add, I'd be happy to add
Thanks. I just needed more time to work out the kinks in my configs.

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 08:57, Kerry Cox wrote:
> Does anyone have a working configuration of relaying using icecast-2.0.0
> and ices-2.0-Beta4? Also, anyone using multiple streams from the master
> server to the slave?
> I had relaying and multiple streams working great using a CVS download
> sometime ago and tried setting it up with the latest builds and it is
> appears to work, but no sound is coming from the slave box. Also, some
> of the syntax has changed.
> Not sure if this is a bug or my audio card. I am able to set up single
> streams and stream from each of the test machines. This works on two RH9
> boxen and one Fedora box here at work as well as my test Fedora box at
> home. Both live and playlist streaming works.
> Just having problems getting multiple streams (one at 96kbps and the
> other at 16kbps) and relaying to work.
> I can post my prior configs and the new configs if anyone is interested.
> Thanks.
> KJ

Kerry Cox <kerry.cox at ksl.com>
KSL / Bonneville International

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