[icecast] Re-reading config file not working?

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Wed Feb 4 21:31:45 UTC 2004

Rhygin wrote:
> I sent this before but I figured I'd send it again since my current
> method is rather kludgey...
> Whenever I try to send a HUP to icecast it always fails when re-reading
> the config file:
>   EROR event/event_config_read Error parsing config, not replacing existing config
> However I know the config is good because the server starts up without
> any issues (right now I've had to resort to just sending a TERM then
> starting it right back up).
> Anyone else having this problem? Is it something that is being
> addressed?

This is just a wild guess ... but do you chroot() icecast?

If yes, and your configuration is "somewhere else", it works at first 
because icecast chroots after reading its config. Once it is running, it 
might not find the .xml file anymore due to the chroot.

If the problem goes away when you turn of <chroot>, that's probably the 

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