[Icecast] fallback override failing for 128 mbps mp3 stream

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Wed Dec 22 23:15:53 UTC 2004

I'm still having an issue with the fallback override from a 128 kbps mp3 
stream.  I have 6 streams all with fallbacks and overrides.  All are 
working except the 128 mp3.  All of the fallback streams are from 
ezstream which just plays a file matching the original source format. 
my 3 ogg streams and 2 of my mp3 streams work just fine with fallbacks 
and come back when the original stream returns.  I don't understand why 
the 128 mp3 doesn't.  It's set up just the same.

Here's the weird thing... if I go into the web interface and move my 
client from the 128 stream to it's fallback and then move it back to the 
original source it works fine.  Just not when the fallback override is 
supposed to take effect.

When the source disappears, the fallback stream begins playing just 
fine.  When the original stream returns, winamp stops playing audio, but 
the time keeps going up.  The kbps keeps going up too until I stop it. 
stopping and restarting connects to the original source stream just fine.

So what's the matter with the 128 mp3 stream?  Why is it behaving 
differently than all the other streams I have?


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