[Icecast] extended characters

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Dec 14 04:29:38 UTC 2004

ok, after further review, it looks like it is oddcast that is not handling 
the charset properly.  I dumped an archive of what is being sent (the 
vorbis stream) and ran it through ogginfo, and I get :

User comments section follows...
         TITLE=I Láthair Dé
Warning: Illegal UTF-8 sequence in comment 1 (stream 1): invalid sequence

The odd thing is that if I play that archive in winamp, the correct title 
(Màire Brennan - I Láthair Dé) shows, and if I play it in foobar2k, then 
only the TITLE shows (which clued me in on the fact that the vorbis 
comments might be wrong).  Of course, it still shows up properly in the 
status.xsl, which is even stranger.

So the problem is with oddcast and it's lack of handling UNICODE characters 
properly when adding vorbis comments to the stream.  Now fixing it...well, 
that's another story... :)  At least I have a nice reproducible test case.

At 10:10 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
>well, if I manually update the metadata via oddcast and enter "MÃ ire 
>Brennan - I Láthair Dé", then check the icecast2 status page, I see : 
>Current Song: Màire Brennan - I Láthair Dé
>which I presume is correct.  If I then open this stream with winamp, it 
>displays as : M - I Láthair Dé.  If I look at the file properties, the 
>vorbis winamp plugin tells me there are two comment fields, ARTIST=M and 
>TITLE=I Láthair Dé.  Oddcastv2 only sent TITLE=Mà ire Brennan - I Láthair 
>Dé, so that tells me that the winamp vorbis input plugin is not handling 
>the charset properly.  Frankly I'm suprised that oddcast is actually 
>handling it properly, but as far as I can tell (the icecast2 status page 
>also shows <artist>Màire Brennan</artist>
>  and <title>I Láthair Dé</title>) oddcast is setting the vorbis comments 
> properly.  So that pretty much leaves only the vorbis input plugin.
>At 09:26 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
>>I mentioned this 1 or 2 years back but it's still not fixed.  I presume it's
>>a Icecast2 server problem.  I'm using the latest Oddcast client, and
>>my server host Mediacast1 has just updated to the latest Icecast2.
>>I'm currently streaming a track in Vorbis format called:
>>Mà ire Brennan - I Láthair Dé
>>It shows this correctly in Winamp on the broadcast PC.
>>On the Icecast Status page, it says the Current Song is:
>>Mੲe Brennan - I Lá´¨air Dé ¨
>>Listening to the stream (as a listener) in Winamp, it shows this as the
>>M - I L
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