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oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Dec 14 04:13:13 UTC 2004

At 10:10 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
>well, if I manually update the metadata via oddcast and enter "MÃ ire 
>Brennan - I Láthair Dé", then check the icecast2 status page, I see : 
>Current Song: Màire Brennan - I Láthair Dé
>which I presume is correct.  If I then open this stream with winamp, it 
>displays as : M - I Láthair Dé.  If I look at the file properties, the 
>vorbis winamp plugin tells me there are two comment fields, ARTIST=M and 
>TITLE=I Láthair Dé.  Oddcastv2 only sent TITLE=Mà ire Brennan - I Láthair 
>Dé, so that tells me that the winamp vorbis input plugin is not handling 
>the charset properly.

correction, oddcast is sending TITLE=I Láthair Dé and ARTIST=Màire Brennan.

>Frankly I'm suprised that oddcast is actually handling it properly, but as 
>far as I can tell (the icecast2 status page also shows <artist>Màire 
>  and <title>I Láthair Dé</title>) oddcast is setting the vorbis comments 
> properly.  So that pretty much leaves only the vorbis input plugin.
>At 09:26 PM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
>>I mentioned this 1 or 2 years back but it's still not fixed.  I presume it's
>>a Icecast2 server problem.  I'm using the latest Oddcast client, and
>>my server host Mediacast1 has just updated to the latest Icecast2.
>>I'm currently streaming a track in Vorbis format called:
>>Mà ire Brennan - I Láthair Dé
>>It shows this correctly in Winamp on the broadcast PC.
>>On the Icecast Status page, it says the Current Song is:
>>Mੲe Brennan - I Lá´¨air Dé ¨
>>Listening to the stream (as a listener) in Winamp, it shows this as the
>>M - I L
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