[icecast] IceCast as a WinXP Service?? plus 2 Qs more..

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Apr 22 01:13:02 UTC 2004

On Thursday 22 April 2004 05:52, Apostolopoulos Ioannis wrote:
> Hello!
> I am a student in a university department here in Greece, and we are
> developing a WebCast solution for our new radio station we have made. We
> work with Oddcast plugin for WinAMP, which connects to an IceCast_v2
> server, which runs on a WinXP machine.
> I would like to ask for 2 major issues we face:
> -> Because we have some problems with the weather conditions here and
> sometimes the electricity fails and our pc's turn off, we have adjusted
> them to restart automatically. The http servers and some other applications
> we manage run as services on winXP, and we do not bother for restarting
> them. But, can we make the iceCast server to run as a service as well? So,
> to start automatically, without the need of sb of us to log in and run the
> server, is there any solution for this?

Icecast doesn't run as a service on win32 currently. I'm sure a competent 
windows programmer could make it do so if they wanted to.

> -> Secondly, can we make mirrors of our stream to other pc's on our
> University departments (which they may be either Windows or Linux
> machines), so to send them our stream and vice versa? It is sth like
> relaying. We work here on Windows machines mainly.

Your question here is very unclearly phrased, but I think the answer is "no, 
you can't do that with icecast". You can probably, however, get much of the 
same effect using relays and fallbacks.


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