[icecast] IceCast as a WinXP Service?? plus 2 Qs more..

Apostolopoulos Ioannis dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr
Wed Apr 21 19:52:41 UTC 2004


I am a student in a university department here in Greece, and we are
developing a WebCast solution for our new radio station we have made. We
work with Oddcast plugin for WinAMP, which connects to an IceCast_v2 server,
which runs on a WinXP machine.

I would like to ask for 2 major issues we face:


-> Because we have some problems with the weather conditions here and
sometimes the electricity fails and our pc's turn off, we have adjusted them
to restart automatically. The http servers and some other applications we
manage run as services on winXP, and we do not bother for restarting them.
But, can we make the iceCast server to run as a service as well? So, to
start automatically, without the need of sb of us to log in and run the
server, is there any solution for this?


-> Secondly, can we make mirrors of our stream to other pc's on our
University departments (which they may be either Windows or Linux machines),
so to send them our stream and vice versa? It is sth like relaying. We work
here on Windows machines mainly.


-> And something other: can we find any solution (script code) for making a
Flash player for OGG/MP3 streams (OGG preferably)? We want to make a small
Flash "WebPANEL" for our website. In this panel, we want to load a movie
(the one with the script that plays the stream) as an instance or sth, and
to add the ability for the users to select some different streams from our
different webradio stations of our departments. So, with this service, we
collect the streams we want, we give the ability to the user to select one
and play/hear it live, through the Flash player. Additionally, we may add
some controls for the volume etc... if anyone tries to develop sth like
that, or can help us, we would be very pleased, and we would be happy to
start a talk on that!

Ioannis Apostolopoulos |  <BLOCKED::http://www.aegean.gr/> University
<BLOCKED::http://www.aegean.gr/>  of the Aegean
 <BLOCKED::http://www.syros.aegean.gr/> dept. of Product & Systems Design
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