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Adon Irani adon at yorku.ca
Wed May 21 12:03:07 PDT 2003

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Subject: Full Mac report

<p>Anyway, here's my full report. I'm gonna recommend the Audion 3 for Mac, and
just tell people to follow directions from the dv8 website for the PC.

Here goes:

Went to the diskset and clicked...got a menu...two Mac options...onc called
"Legacy Mac OS," the other was for Mac OSX, which I don't have. So I went
into the "Legacy" and tested them all. Here are the Mac results:

Audion 3

15 day demo. 30 bucks U.S. to buy.
It WORKS! But, I had to go into tools, console, effects, and speed to slow
it down to 50% speed. At 100%, it plays way too fast. There is a little rasp
or rattle at the high end when its playing. Yech...BUT...the speed effect is
cool­you can blast through at 200% or also sweeten it a little by a going
slightly faster than 50% (which seems to be their 100%, because it started
off terrible at 100%...wayyy too fast.


Link goes to site not built yet


14 day demo. Weird...website won't scroll down, can't even reach the
download links. Their logo is a ripoff of the Winamp logo, and its name is a
ripoff of "Winamp for Mac," which is totally free and works great. These
"macamp" people seem sleazy.

N2MP3 Pro

Demo. Doesn't say on the main page how long the demo is good for, and it's
for OSX, which means it should be in the other category. Full price? 60
bucks U.S.! Downloaded it anyway.
Says it will "encode a complete audio cd," "encode tracks off an audio cd,"
"encode a file from your disk," and "encode live from an audio source." When
I click on the "encode live," it says that option is disabled, and to go buy
the full version. All three of the other options I tried, but it won't
recognize the dv8 file on my desktop.

Ogg Drop for Mac

Freeware. Downloaded, installed...shuts down when opened.

Ogg Quicktime Components

Downloaded, unstuffed...said put the icon in the "extensions" folder.
Usually a piece of cake for a mac user. Drag, drop, restart. But this? After
restart...nothing. Tried to open the m3u as an "url" and a "movie," and it
won't recognize the file on my desktop. Website also says: "The Ogg Vorbis
component now works with QuickTime 6.0.2." Well, all I know is that I
downloaded the new free Quicktime 6 from Apple, unstuffed the Ogg Quicktime
extension, put it in extensions, restarted and it doesn't work.

Unsanity Echo

Website says: "This product has been discontinued!"

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