[icecast] http admin to icecast2

Daniel Seebald dachande at gmx.net
Sun May 18 08:07:43 PDT 2003


really nice idea with that admin interface and it just works fine for me.
you're right about the need of de-ugliness but it does its job just the 
way I wanted it so far ;)

oddsock wrote:

> for those who don't get the CVS commits, I thought that I would 
> mention that I've just added and update which provides a basic http 
> admin front-end to icecast2...although it is in bad need of some 
> de-ugliness.  I would like to encourage all interested to check it out 
> (win32 versions available here -> 
> http://www.oddsock.org/tools/icecast2, non-win32 available in CVS)...
> setting it up is pretty simple...
> there is a new config option <adminroot> which points to a directory 
> containing the admin .xsl files.  Just copy the xsl files from the 
> distribution (in the icecast/admin dir) into your adminroot, and hit 
> http://server:port/admin/stats.xsl
> and please, if anyone is interested in making these templates alot 
> more UI friendly, please let me know, or simply send patches....
> oddsock

CU... Daniel

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