[icecast] Anyone want to be my hero?

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sat May 17 22:19:14 PDT 2003

You could also use the streamTranscoder to sample live audio and 
encode it but I haven't tested it up to now. As far as Oddsock 
reported in the near future all vital things will be done by libs - 
so I guess then it will be almost equal which app you choose because 
they all rely on the same functionality in the background.

Are you doing live-encoding on a workstation? Then give the Oddcast-
plugins a try. If you're using Linux (which I conclude from your 
post) then the XMMS-plugin might be useful for you. Give it a try and 
tell us about your experiments.

<p>All the best

On 17 May 2003 at 20:53, Mr. Stauf wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've been using icecast 1 for a long time, and icecast2 has become a
> very viable alternative now.  There is only one small and rather silly
> thing holding me back.
> I use liveice for everything.  Has anyone hacked liveice to work with
> icecast2 and ogg?  Is anyone writing another client that isn't
> darkice? I would try and port and rewrite, but my coding skills need
> refresh... Honestly, if someone pointed out what code I had to rewrite
> and give me some hints on WHAT to change exactly...I would do so.
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