[icecast] OddCastDSPv2 + Winamp 2.91 + SQRSoft crossfader

Ross Levis ross.levis at cchlawbase.co.nz
Mon May 19 17:55:10 PDT 2003

Hey Oddsock

I couldn't find your email address so sorry for posting to the list.

I know we've had a similar discussion in the past but I'm hoping
something can be arranged to solve this problem.  I've just tried your
new OddCastv2 (for Winamp2) with the SQRSoft crossfader hoping that the
old problem had been overcome, however, it is much worse.  Winamp simply
exits without any error as soon as I click Play when connected to an
IceCast2 server.  This occurs with any sample rate or number of
channels.  Version 1 would work at most sample rates/channels except for
the one we need (22050 mono).  Is there an amount of money that can be
offered to you to get this working?

The company I'm contracted to is about to start streaming many stations.
They are sold on the SQRSoft crossfading engine for the professional
mixing it offers.  They were going to use shoutcast or Windows Media but
I directed them towards Ogg Vorbis and they have now signed a deal with
MediaCast (http://www.mediacast1.com) who offer IceCast2 servers.  I
haven't told them yet that it may not be possible to use Ogg Vorbis.  I
was hoping upon hope that it would be fixed within the couple of months
grace we had before going live, but within a week I will have to tell
them the bad news.  I'm sure they will be willing to offer some money
towards a solution.

Can you please let me know if anything is possible as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Ross Levis.
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