[icecast] No audio with slackware for live station

photos-ifree photos at interfree.it
Fri May 16 07:20:51 PDT 2003

Hello Martin,

I've just change the player, now I've used ASHAMPOO Player Plus.
This is the error in the logs:

playing 'http://xxx.com:8000/radiolive.ogg'
Unable to play 'http://xxx.com:8000/radiolive.ogg'.
Reported errors:
VorbisSet (Ogg Vorbis files - *.ogg) - The initiated action ist not permitted on this object. (file path: 'http://xxx.com:8000/radiolive.ogg')
ModSet (MOD music files) - Mod file error: Unknown file format ('http://xxx.com:8000/radiolive.ogg')
WaveSet (wave files) - unsupported file format

But the player is stay connect to the icecast server!
Is it possible that there are some errors in the configuration on ICES???

If I play an Ogg File (saved in my hard disk) with WINAMP there isn't any error!



<p>Friday, May 16, 2003, 3:13:32 PM, you wrote:

MH> Hello,

MH> hmmmm sweet problem. All I can recommend you is have you tried another player? 
MH> I've heard that WinAmp3 has certain problems with .ogg streaming.
MH> No other idea :(.

MH> Martin

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