[icecast] Icecast2 / Ogg / oddcastDSP / Winamp2 Constant Prebuffering

Chris G Moguta chrisg1 at umbc.edu
Fri May 16 06:52:14 PDT 2003

Hrm, yes it does sound like a bug in WinAmp.  Even if it does prebuffer, the 
length counter should be going beyond 0:01 since you've obviously been 
listening longer than that after the first second. =P  (I don't think the 
counter resets after buffering, but I could be wrong.)

Can you see if you can duplicate it by getting someone else to tune in to the 
'cast with WinAmp?

>===== Original Message From John Farnsworth <si at darkness.nu> =====
>I don't think it's connection, since I can recreate it across a 100mbit
>LAN without issue.  I've been playing with the buffer settings in Winamp,
>haven't been able to clear it up.  It isn't buffer underrunning or
>anything, it seems that it's just the fact it thinks the stream is over
>constantly, so starts prebuffering again as start of stream (length always
>shows as <0:01>.  I'll keep messing with the vorbis streaming buffer
>settings in Winamp, i'm pretty convinced it's just winamp acting up (I
>fired it up on my PDA, and didn't have the problem).
>On Thu, 15 May 2003, Chris G (Moguta) wrote:
>> Sounds like WinAmp isn't storing a large enough buffer, or Icecast isn't
>> putting a long enough buffer between what it recieves from Oddcast & what 
>> transmits to clients.
>> I've never had such a problem, though.  Could be your connection?
>> >===== Original Message From John Farnsworth <si at darkness.nu> =====
>> >Hrm, but it works fine (and the mountpoint is /dnumusic.ogg).  It just
>> >constantly says it's prebuffering.  It doesn't affect the audio output of
>> >it at all, it just never scrolls the songtitle/etc.  Just prebuffer, flash
>> >of title, prebuffer again.
>> >
>> >On Thu, 15 May 2003, Jack Moffitt wrote:
>> >
>> >> > Noticing a strange issue, i'm not sure where this lies.  I'm using
>> >> > oddcastDSP to stream Ogg to icecast2, which seems to be working ok, 
>> >> > using winamp (v2) to stream from icecast, winamp is constantly
>> >> > prebuffering, displaying a length of 0:01.  Is this a known bug in 
>> >> > Winamp or icecast, or a configuration issue perhaps?  I have a feeling
>> >> > this is Winamp, but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure.
>> >>
>> >> Sounds like you forgot to name your mountpoint ending in .ogg.  Winamp
>> >> assumes everythign is mp3 unless you give it a file extension.  It
>> >> ignores mimetypes.
>> >>
>> >> jack.

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