[icecast] Trouble getting Ices/Icecast2 to stream

Morgan Grammer morgang at newlifemedia.org
Fri Mar 21 09:28:41 PST 2003

I'm rather new to this. I just set up Icecast and Ices using source from
CVS downloaded yesterday (3-20-2003). The box is running RedHat 8.0 with
all the required RPMs to compile. Here's my trouble:

I have Ices running in live mode, with it connecting correctly to the
Icecast server on port 8000 (which is only bound to I'm
using Winamp on the client end connecting to port 8001 (which is only
bound to my outside IP). Winamp will connect, say it has completed
prebuffering, and I see data moving, but there is no audio. If I include
"savefile" in the Ices config, it will correctly write the file, which I
can load into winamp and hear audio.

If I try to listen to the "savefile" by connecting to the web portion of
Icecast, it will occasionally work, but 8 out of 10 times, icecast will

Any clues? I DO have audio going into the machine, and I only hit about
25% system utilization when both Icecast and Ices are running. There are
no error message in either log about connection trouble between Icecast
and Ices.

Thanks for your help. We're trying to get this stuff to work to replace
realaudio at all of our sites (since Real wants a pile of money to renew
their licenses).


<p>Morgan Grammer
Director of Engineering and Technology
New Life Media / IBI Radio Ministries

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