[icecast] strange way of forwarding to another stream.

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Thu Mar 20 22:47:15 PST 2003

> On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Todd Poston wrote:
> > Just a follow up to this, Geoff...
> > True, that is how you'd do it when you know what *n* number of 
> > streams/files you wished to serve at the time the client d/l's the 
> > playlist.  There are cases when you may wish to dynamically change 
> > what the client hears (live radio for instance, or 
> maintenance, etc.) 
> > without requiring the client to manually reconnect.  Redirects 
> > would/could be handy _IF_ clients supported them universally. Alas.
> Well, you could dynamically produce the playlist with some 
> scripting language like ASP or PHP.  Would achieve the same thing.
> Geoff.

That's right.  But you still have the issue of changing the source after
they have connected - regardless of what is in a playlist.  The client
just stays connected the whole time and doesn't have to do anything.
Fortunately icecast can do this. :)  

Granted, this feature won't be used by most users, but I think it is
entirely a worthwhile feature.  I guess the ability (within the code)
needs to be there anyway so that mountpoints can have fallbacks, which I
would think does the same thing.  But it is nice to have dynamic control
of which sources serve which mountpoints.


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