[icecast] The future for open streaming solutions at the BBC?

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 16:54:39 PST 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 00:11, Damon LoCascio wrote:

> "I'm afraid we only plan to use Real Player files for our video and audio
> clips for a while yet. This is mainly because the Real Servers are much
> easier to support for the BBC and because Real Servers can handle the
> traffic that the BBC Website places on them, unlike some other products.
> We are looking into more formats and I will take up this matter with BBC
> Technology who deal with streaming audio and video."
> So my question is what resources are avaible to convince the techies at
> the BBC that an open source solution is just as robust if not more so than
> Real Networks solution. Do things like Icecast scale well or the Helix DNA
> server? What comparisons, if any, are availiable for the best server
> serving the best media format (OGG, MP3, RA's QT etc)? Is there a cast
> iron argument I can put to the BBC?

One of the key points with this sort of server is that you saturate
network before anything else. It would be nice to have access to setups
where obscenely high load can be achieved but many of the developers
don't have access to that equipment so it will be hard to give figures
and comparisons.

Don't forget that the BBC have already done some initial analysis 
http://support.bbc.co.uk/ogg/  but they seemed to have a problem with
staff support than anything else.


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