[icecast] strange way of forwarding to another stream.

Todd Poston tposton1 at swbell.net
Thu Mar 20 08:56:42 PST 2003

Just a follow up to this, Geoff...
True, that is how you'd do it when you know what *n* number of
streams/files you wished to serve at the time the client d/l's the
playlist.  There are cases when you may wish to dynamically change what
the client hears (live radio for instance, or maintenance, etc.) without
requiring the client to manually reconnect.  Redirects would/could be
handy _IF_ clients supported them universally. Alas.

Icecast supports moving clients to new streams (very cool BTW), and that
serves the same purpose - although not as flexible as redirects could be
(if the "new stream" was on a different Icecast instance (or computer)
for example).

Cheers and keep up the great work.


PS - Michael, you send a lot of early morning emails so watch you don't
burn yourself out!!! ;)

Oh and FWIW, I offer up my C# knowledge/coding/time if it could be of
use in some aspect to you all.  Although I doubt it would be, I wanted
to throw it out there anyway.

> If you want to play 1 stream then play another, surely it's 
> enough to simply place 2 items in the playlist file that you 
> send to the client.  It works and it's supported.
> Geoff.

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