[icecast] G/UI's (was: The future for open streaming solutions at the BBC?)

HJ inzanekaoz at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 11:21:36 PST 2003

> Don't forget that the BBC have already done some initial analysis 
> http://support.bbc.co.uk/ogg/  but they seemed to have a problem
> with
> staff support than anything else.

<p>It leads one to wonder if one might grab icecast2 by the horns and
turn it into a '1-click install' ...

And while icecast2 comes with reasonable defaults and really isn't
hard to set up, a DEAD-SIMPLE initial-setup wizard and along with
the win32 binary (apologies if such a thing already exists), and/or
a 'beginners' setup shell-script for 'nixes which could build
initial config files and launch the server (so that total time to
get a stream up & running is reduced to, say, '30 seconds' versus '2
minutes and a little bit of reading') could be beneficial.

Icecast2 requires authentication to stream audio.  Pick a password
that source clients will authenticate with.

Enter a password: [           ]

Re-enter password: [           ]

What is the target audience?

* 14.4kbps modem, mono  (-q0 --resample 11025 --downmix)
* 28.8kbps modem, mono  (-q-1 --resample 22050 --downmix)
* 28.8kbps modem, stereo (-q-1 --resample 16000)
* 33.6kbps modem
Icecast serves streams by associating a stream with a filename to
request.  (eg. http://yoyodyne.net:8000/faststream.ogg)

Enter the virtual filename to be used for clients to request:
[ slowstream.ogg ]

* would you like to set up another stream?
* would you like to set up relaying now? (sending audio from one
icecast server to another)
* would you like to launch icecast now?
* Ok! The server is up... tell clients to connect to
http://yoyodyne.net:8000/slowstream.ogg to listen, or link it rom
your web page.

The source of the audio stream should connect to (soandso) and enter
the password (soandso)...

<p>The idea is to 'stupidify' setup so people can get running in
seconds, get results, and THEN go back and read documentation.  I
agree, not the best policy perhaps, but nonetheless...


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