[icecast] Socket error: No such file or directory

Lucas Smith spankylucas at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 20 20:19:55 PST 2003

mmm... ok. well i got ices2 installed properly now (i hope) after some 
effort and help (cheers Michael for the prompt response!).

the goal is to get ices2 to stream to a peercast client on port 2768. but 
somehow things are still not going quite as planned. here is the log

idoru:/var/log# ices /usr/local/etc/ices.conf
[2003-03-20  22:55:29] INFO ices-core/main ices started...
[2003-03-20  22:55:29] INFO signals/signal_usr1_handler Metadata update 
[2003-03-20  22:55:29] INFO playlist-builtin/playlist_read Currently playing 
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] EROR stream/ices_instance_stream Failed initial 
connect to localhost:2768 (Socket error: No such file or directory)
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] DBUG reencode/reencode_clear Clearing reencoder
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] DBUG input/input_loop An instance died, removing it
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] DBUG input/input_flush_queue Input queue flush 
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] DBUG input/input_loop All instances removed, shutting 
down control thread.
[2003-03-20  22:56:00] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown complete

at first i thought this might have something to do with iptables but thats 
not the case either. i doubt permisions are the problem since i get the same 
problem running both peercast and ices2 as root. peercast does work with 
other channels. so i am pretty sure the problem lies with my ices2.... hmph!

heres some of the relevant lines from the ices2.conf file


the pasword is corect for sure as is the port.

any sugestions? the combination peercast ices2 is just so cool i HAVE to get 
it to work. :-)


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