[icecast] php script for listener count and www admin interface password

pharkawik at hampshire.edu pharkawik at hampshire.edu
Wed Mar 12 00:24:35 PST 2003

i am looking for a simple php script or anything really that will allow 
me to display a listener count on a simple web page. "5 users currently 
connected" sort of thing. i have scoured the web with no luck. i would 
even settle for a shell script that would pull the number out of the 
icecast.conf file. i don't care how it happens as long as it isn't a 
windows program.

it has to work with icecast 1x because i can't figure out how to 
install icecast 2 and nothing i've found yet on the web is all that 
helpful. is someone planning on doing another "alpha" build because the 
nightly builds do not work for me.

one last thing-i am running 1x on a debian linux server. when i try to 
access certain areas of the WWW admin interface, i am prompted for a 
user/pass, apache style. what the HELL is this user/pass????

thanks in advance,

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