[icecast] ices 'script' playlist information?

Adam Scriven scriven at lore.com
Sat Mar 1 11:57:01 PST 2003

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 07:09:24PM +0000, Karl Heyes wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-03-01 at 18:41, Adam Scriven wrote:
> > Is there anywhere I can go to get detailed information on how this works?
> > I'm wondering about passing information back and forth, for example, or
> > if there's anyway to collect information like the audio program they're
> > listening with, or perhaps passing "state" information back and forth.
> The script playlist runs a program (can be anything executable) and that
> just sends to it's standard output a series of filenames (typically
> absolute paths) of ogg files to play.  Each filename is read and is used
> to find a file to play, anfter that has finished then another filename
> is read.

Actually, from the tests that I've done, ices only uses the first song the
script outputs.
I have a script that right now is very simple, it bascially just prints out
two songs to play, each "line" ending in \n.
What happens is, it plays the first song, then re-runs the script to get the
next song, but since the script just prints out lines, it re-prints the first
line first again, and ices logs this:
"EROR playlist-builtin/playlist_read Cannot play same file twice in a row, skipping"

It never reads the second "line" outputted from the file.

So, without any state information being passed back and forth from audio
program<->icecast<->ices, the only way left to track the state of the script
is to read/write external files.  That seems a bit inelegant to me, but that's
MNSHO, and maybe I'm screwing something up.

> ices has no way of telling you whats been used to play streams as that
> is inside icecast, there is practically no feedback from icecast. It
> sounds like you want something from icecast itself.

Yeah, I hadn't realised that when I asked the question.  I'd forgotten icecast
was there, it's working so well. (Loaded up the server and forgot about it.
Isn't that how they're supposed to work? :) )
So, is there anyway to make icecast and ices communicate that information,
or will I need to just track that information myself with external files or

Thanks for all the help!
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