[icecast] WinAMP POS: mime types

Matt Boersma matt at sprout.org
Tue Jun 3 19:25:24 UTC 2003

The problem with WinAMP 3 is that it will accept only ogg
data with the old MIME type "application/x-ogg", but current
icecast sources emit the new and correct mime type
"application-ogg".  WinAMP must reject the ogg data because
it didn't match the MIME type it expected, so yes, it just
sits there prebuffering, and prebuffering, and prebuffering...

I fixed this by altering one string in format.c, and another
in fserve.c in the current CVS icecast sources, then 
rebuilding.  WinAMP works just fine after you change them
both to the old MIME type "application/x-ogg", and the other
players I've tried (xmms, Whamp for Mac OS X) do too.

Perhaps we could revert to the old MIME type in CVS?  I
know it's great that the new type is official, but for the
time being players *should* support both types, and emitting
the old type will work around WinAMP's dain bramage.  Just
a suggestion...


<p>On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 11:34:43AM -0700, Bryan Koschmann - GKT wrote:
> .... 
> And what's up with that POS Winamp3, it doesn't even play gg streams?!?
> I use xmms, but we have winamp3 on a demo computer, it just sits and keeps
> prebuffering. I need something else for windows I think.
> ... 

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