[icecast] WinAMP POS: mime types

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jun 3 19:34:27 UTC 2003

At 01:25 PM 6/3/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>The problem with WinAMP 3 is that it will accept only ogg
>data with the old MIME type "application/x-ogg", but current
>icecast sources emit the new and correct mime type
>"application-ogg".  WinAMP must reject the ogg data because
>it didn't match the MIME type it expected, so yes, it just
>sits there prebuffering, and prebuffering, and prebuffering...
>I fixed this by altering one string in format.c, and another
>in fserve.c in the current CVS icecast sources, then
>rebuilding.  WinAMP works just fine after you change them
>both to the old MIME type "application/x-ogg", and the other
>players I've tried (xmms, Whamp for Mac OS X) do too.
>Perhaps we could revert to the old MIME type in CVS?  I
>know it's great that the new type is official, but for the
>time being players *should* support both types, and emitting
>the old type will work around WinAMP's dain bramage.  Just
>a suggestion...
Winamp3's problems do not end with this simple mod, it has fundamental and 
major broken-ness that really should be fixed...you know things are 
seriously busted when Nullsoft has said themselves they are ditching wa3... 
and good riddance.... :)

and supporting this type of broken-ness is not the right solution 
anyway....it's ironic though, since wa3 deals with formats using the method 
that is generally accepted as correct (based off content-type, rather than 
file extension)...no other media player does this (foobar2k might, but I 
don't know)....


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