[icecast] IceCast Questions.... ("id3 tags, mp3, Ogg, etc)

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Jul 18 09:33:24 UTC 2003

> Icecast2 is fully mp3 capable as well, calling 1.x "the mp3 capable icecast"
> indicates you didn't realise that. It also supports other (better) formats as
> well, of course... By the way, you were looking for the word "deprecated",
> not "depreciated" (which is a real word, but means something entirely
> different). So anyway, you can use mp3 AND vorbis simultaneously with
> icecast2.

Didn't know Icecast2 could do mp3. I would definitly go for the dual
stream feature too (I know in the icecast config you can put multiple
encoder entries). I could be wrong, and I could be using Icecast2... It
has been a while since I set it up.... it has been pretty stable
considering the abuse we give it :-)

> vorbis is supported in WMP by external plugins - they're not built in, and not
> auto-downloaded.
> There is a real plugin, it will soon (but not yet, afaik) be available from
> the auto-download servers.
> iTunes doesn't support it.

Ouch. Is the Vorbis codec "finalized" ? I saw some talk that they keep
improving it. If there is backwards compatibility then that is fine. Maybe
if we request iTunes add Vorbis support Apple would implement it?

> the source encoders get the metadata from id3 tags originally), I'm not sure
> about darkice. It's pretty easy to add this sort of thing, all the hard bits
> here are done in icecast.

Okay, in the case with using a live input (ADC) ... I haven't looked at
the latest darkice to see if the text thing has been updated.

> Not precisely. What you can do (with icecast2) is:
>     server1: /relay-mount1 <---- server2
>            : /relay-mount2 <----- server3
> In this setup, you might dynamically add server3/relay-mount2, as your "new
> 2nd one". Then, you can dynamically switch users from /relay-mount1 to
> /relay-mount2, without interrupting the listeners. Then you can drop
> server2/relay-mount1.
> The above is not well tested, however, and it may interact badly with metadata
> support. If so, this should be fixed.

Cool I will have to try it. Going to scrounge up some hardware in the next
couple of weeks and build a few systems to experiment with.

> That may also work, depending on your source program (I haven't used darkice,
> I'm not sure of its exact capabilities).

It gets one line of text in there (the title or what not) but I haven't
seen the ability to do multiple lines (like digitially imported and others
do) or update it real time. I guess I could ask the author, but I think he
monitors this list :-)

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