[icecast] icecast problem

Daniel Seebald dachande at gmx.net
Thu Jul 17 22:24:42 UTC 2003

As far as I know, Winamp does support basic http-auth.

Stefan Neufeind wrote:

> We've talked about authentication on this list some while ago. And I 
> came to the point that maybe for billing-purpose (e.g. authenticating 
> a user and billing him for the time he has listened to a concert 
> because he needs to pay a few cents per each minute or so) this would 
> be nice. But do the players out there support basic http-auth? E.g. 
> opening a popup if authentication is required (like a browser) or at 
> least using urls like   http://user:pass@   ?
> Would be quite a cool feature :-) We would need the possibility to 
> integrate external authentification/logging possibilities into 
> icecast2 but this should be possible to design. And again: In closed 
> user groups with auth I would rate https-streaming quite interesting 
> :-)))
> All the best
>  Stefan

CU... Daniel
...this is Linux Country. If you listen carefully you can hear Windows 


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