[icecast] icecast problem

Luke Stodola minus273point16c at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 21 14:08:28 UTC 2003

> How about activating SSL-support for streaming? Would it be possible 
> to e.g. offer sending data (passwords, stats etc.) to the server via 
> SSL but still over access to the streams via http? Or how about 
> making a "closed user group" which log into a stream via https and 
> need to authenticate (is it possible via http basic auth?) to be able 
> to listen to the stream? Just imagining maybe a conference or such 
> that might be broadcasted this way to a closed usergroup.
> Does anybody rate this useful? Comments please, just a thought.

I'd love to see the web-based admin/ encrypted (optionally, I suppose,
but encouraged).  The source (IceS, oddcast, etc.) to icecast2 connection
would also be nice encrypted.  Just comments....  I haven't had a break
in, yet.

  Luke Stodola
  minus273point16c at fastmail.fm

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