[icecast] Public Server?

astralflight6 at netscape.net astralflight6 at netscape.net
Thu Jan 16 20:27:13 UTC 2003

Hmmm.. perhaps:

1.  My inquiries aren't making it to the list.
2.  I've stumped the judges.
3.  My question is perceived as ridiculous and undeserving of an answer.

I quote from the Icecast online FAQ:

"What do I need to setup and run an icecast server?
First of all you need a box to run the server. Download and compile icecast on this box, and start it up (the default config should be fine). Next, you will need to send your server an audio stream from an encoder. You can run shout or iceplay on the same box or another box to stream pre-encoded content to the icecast server. If you want to broadcast a stream at a different bitrate than the bitrate the files has been encoded at, you can use liveice. Liveice also lets you be a real DJ, with support for mixing, crossfades, mic input, etc. You can also use Nullsoft's WinAmp under Windows platforms with their Shoutcast plugins. Once the encoder connects your server will be listed at http://yp.icecast.org/ if you have specified that it will be public. Other directory servers may be used as well."

Now I've never set up a server so it's quite possible that I'll need to consult another resource.  It just seems that I'm overlooking something simple here.  I have what appears to be a working Icecast server, which indicates it's receiving my encoder audio.  I *have not* configured any other server software (such as Apache) on my machine.  Is there something I need to do to make the Icecast server receive requests from other addresses?

On a related note, in the FAQ document above, it says that once the encoder connects, the server will be listed at yp.icecast.org.  I'm only showing 6 channels when I go to that site and I have to assume that there are a lot more available audio streams.  Do this streams need to be in some way registered?  Can a regular ol' IP address work?

Any help you guys can offer is appreciated.  At this point I'd be happy to get a verification that this e-mail actually showed up on the list.

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