[icecast] Couldn't Open Pipe to Program

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Fri Feb 21 17:06:16 UTC 2003

> [2003-02-20 15:24:05] EROR playlist-script/playlist_script_get_filename 
> Couldn't open pipe to program "/usr/local/icecast2/ices-ad.pm" Segmentation 
> fault
> I'm running a perl script that apparently (rarely) kills ices for this reason. 
> The error occurs approximately once per day for no apparent reason. For the 
> rest of that period the script runs fine. In fact, after some investigation, I 
> can immediately restart ices with no problem.
> As I love stability I want to figure out what causes this error so that I can 
> leave ices up and running for an extended period without worry. So, what 
> exactly would cause this kind of error?

WIthout knowing anything other than what you've told me, I'd say that
ices is forgetting to close the pipe, and you are running out of file
handles.  The segfault is indictative that the returned file handle
(which will be an error code) is probably being used without being
checked.  Though why it would print out an error message I have no idea.  

Whoever works on this problem will probably want to know what version of
ices you are using.

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